TechCrunch Reach A New Low With Fowl Mouth Article

TC1Yesterday Microsoft released a brilliant tool for non technical people to allow them or anyone to build Windows Phone apps with coding.

However I have been looking around the web for articles on industry thoughts on this as I knew there would be some Microsoft haters and I did not have to look hard or for long.  TechCrunch have put an article out that is at best confusing and at worst a fowl mouthed mockery of an article.  The F word is used constantly throughout the article, its written primarily in CAPITALS (see how annoying that is) and it just hard to know what the point is to it.

The Windows Phone App Studio Beta is brand new, of course some bugs are going to exist, I’ve tried it and I can’t even get past the template screen, but I know its only day 2 and it will be fixed.  TechCrunch again as they have in the past just lambasted Microsoft for no reason, not only this but they have subjected us all and our kids who may be reading their site to utter vulgarities.

I have included a few screen grabs with the offending word blocked out but you can read their garbage here should you wish.



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