Nokia DC-16 Portable Charger Review

WP_20130722_010The smartphone industry is constantly in a state of flux and new design methods and technologies are being released to the public almost every quarter.  One common trend of late is for smartphone makers to create their devices without a removable battery.  This affords them many benefits from cheaper production costs to slicker looking uni-body designs, they don’t need to worry about how a back cover looks.

WP_20130722_013The problem for the consumer with a non removable battery is that while yes technology is getting better and phones smarter unfortunately the battery tech has not caught up.  Most smartphone users will struggle to get through a day if they are heavy users, and heavy may just be a few hours of tweeting, some surfing and some email and music.  You don’t have to be a video watching or game playing junkie to drain a battery quickly.

So will all this in mind you can no longer just pop a spare battery into you phone, not that many actually did, not your everyday consumer anyway.  One solution to this is the DC-16 portable charger by Nokia, which despite being a Nokia product will work with any USB chargeable device.


  • Micro USB External 2200mAh Battery Pack
  • 2200mAh High Capacity Li-ion polymer battery
  • Standby time of 3 months
  • Suitable all devices with a Micro USB charging port
  • Multiple Colours

The DC-16 has been designed to complement Nokia’s Lumia range of phones with the distinctive, Cyan, Magenta, Black, and White colour options. However, it will work with any device that charges via Micro USB as stated earlier.

WP_20130722_011The DC-16 a brilliant not quite round not quite square edged design. At one end, there’s a Type-A USB port which other devices are charged from, this is the output. The other end comprises of a charge level indicator and a Micro USB port with which the DC-16 is charged, this is the input.This design is very ingenious as the device can both charge and be charged with the same cable, all by simply reversing the cable.

WP_20130722_012The DC-16’s is rated at 2200mAh, most smartphones these days are coming with batteries that are somewhere between 1800 and 2500mAh. Nokia guarantee it good for 500 charge cycles. The the output current is 950mA, which is very good. The time taken to charge the DC-16 itself will differ depending on how you do it, from a wall plug it will be much quicker but from a PC it will be much slower. When charging, the four green LEDs light up, with each going from flashing to constant in sequence to indicate the current charge level.

Three constant lights with one flashing means the charge is between 75% and 100%, this is a clever way to provide the user with visual clues as to its charge level. One very cool feature of the DC-16 is that when you connect it to your device the DC-16 will charge first, then when its full it will begin to charge your device. very kindly provided our DC-16 and you can buy from them for €28.99


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