HTC’s Robert Downey Jr. Video leaks in full

HTC-RDJ-adHTC’s alleged Advertisement starring Robert Downey Jr. Has been leaked in full and can now be seen over at android authority here.  This video is the work of a $1 billion contract between HTC and the celebrity himself.

Is this HTC’s attempt to get back in the game? And if it is, will it work?

HTC have not been doing as well as they have previously but are starting to get better, although Samsung are tough competition in the android game which means that HTC are either going to fly or die soon as consumers are becoming more aware of their phones.

Let me know what you think of HTC’s new ad campaign and if you think it’ll encourage new users to go with them rather than the default apple or Samsung devices.


One thought on “HTC’s Robert Downey Jr. Video leaks in full

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