Greed City Gets Updated, New Features

1000751_283362385137507_1903907672_nGreed City which is a very popular Windows Phone 8 business building game has just been updated to version 1.2.

A word from the developer:

For ver 1.2 we took a look at the current news feed and decided to re-design it into something more useful, currently it doesn’t really serve much of a purpose.
When you open Greed City it will show you your top 3 businesses going on sale soon (within the next 48 hours).
We will also show you the business that have becomeĀ available to purchase since you last opened Greed City that you either own, founded, or follow. We will still include a few other things, like when friends play cards, get/lose VIP, and buy or sell a business.

Other updates include at a minimum:

  • New improved and faster News Feed
  • News Feed, mini leaderboard
  • News Feed, group check-ins
  • News Feed, Cards played by friends and option to comment
  • News Feed, info tickers at the top to display information
  • News Feed, redesigned comments and notifications
  • News Feed, shows your businesses that are about to go on sale
  • Purchase Business Screen
  • General bug fixing



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