All Access Day 12 – Side Effects

google-music hero-580-100This edition of the 30 day challenge is all about the effects that All Access has had on my phone , so your results may vary.

So, I’ve been playing with All Access for 12 days now, and I’ve noticed some things that may effect others besides myself that I should probably tell you about.

1. Battery Life Behaviour 

I don’t know if this will happen to you, but my battery life has decreased since I started using All Access.

Now, of course my battery is going to decrease when playing music, but as a Side Effect of having All Access, you’re going to download more and connect to mobile data more, so your battery isn’t going to fare as well as it used to.

2. Storage Shortage

When you’re paying €7.99 or €9.99 a month for music access, you’ll want to be able to play it offline, to save battery, or data allowance.

What I noticed with All Access is that, well, you get carried away. I noticed this when I ran out of space whilst downloading an app and I went to check why I had no space. It turned out that I had 4.65 GB of music on my device, all of which being downloaded from All Access.

Now, this is only going to happen if you want to play your music offline, so if you have unlimited data (Which I do) and plan not to download a crap load of music, you should be fine.

3. Data Demolition

Lets just say that my data usage record isn’t very good as it is, but All Access has pushed the boundaries of my data limit. (Supposedly none)

With my streaming and downloading of music, I’ve been using 3-5 GB of data every week, and that’s just from music.

I don’t have a particularly big library (Around 800 songs), but I found between streaming it and downloading it, I’ve used a lot of data.

So these have been the Side Effects of All Access on my phone so far, stay tuned for more on the All Access 30 day challenge, if you have any suggestions as to other 30 day challenges just let me know. 🙂


4 thoughts on “All Access Day 12 – Side Effects

  1. Would it not be a good idea to download the files locally at night on WiFi while the phone is plugged in, saving your battery and data? Or is it that you download songs when you ‘discover’ them through the app? I’m not clear on whether the songs you’re downloading are files you already own or songs you’re getting new through All Access.

    • Yes, it is a good idea to download the files locally at night with WiFi, but that’s not what happens in real life in my opinion. In my opinion, I hear a new song or band and I want it straight away, but you may differ.

      The songs I download are either songs I own( ones I’ve purchased through Google music or iTunes.) or all access songs which I do not own but can still play offline.

      Hope I answered your question, if I didn’t just ask me again 🙂

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