Prestigio Multiphones 4500Duo and 5430 Review

WP_20130814_005Harvey Norman recently re-launched their super store in the Blanchardstown Centre and along with this one of their new vendors is a company called Prestigio.  Prestigio is a manufacturer of navigation systems (GeoVision), car DVR (RoadRunner), tablet computers (MultiPad), smartphones (MultiPhone), e-books (MultiReader), as well as peripherals for PCs, drives and accessories.

Together with Harvey Norman they have brought their line of smartphones called Multiphone to Ireland with Harvey Norman as the exclusive reseller of their tablets and the 5430 until the end of August.

We will be reviewing both the Multiphone 4500Duo and the 5430 together as both are very similar in specifications.  The only major differences between the two other than looks is that the 4500 is a dual sim, dual core Jelly Bean 4.1 device and the 5430 is a single core Intel Atom processor running ICS 4.0.

Specifications & Performance


5430 Specifications, click for full specs

The Prestigio range is aimed at people who are perhaps moving to their first smartphone or for those who can’t afford the high end devices that can top €500. The good news is that for a relatively small amount of change €269.99 for the 4500Duo and €249.99 for the 5430 you can get a very decently spec’d Android device which is fully unlocked.  Sure they wont challenge newer devices or even a Galaxy SII and score towards the low end on AnTuTu Benchmarking but day to day these perform admirably.  In terms of which phone faired better in benchmarking it was the Intel Atom powered 5430.


4500 Specifications, click for full specs

We encountered very little slow down and web browsing was quick and pretty smooth.  The gallery operated as expected and with only a small amount of wait time.  Apps opened after a second or two of a delay but this is not that uncommon with Android.

Low Down: 5430

The inner workings of the 5430 house the new Intel Atom Z2420, a single core microprocessor built to Intel’s 32-nanometer process, running at up to 1.2 gigahertz, but which offers hyper-threading. This was only launched at the beginning of July, making this one of the first devices to sport Intel’s new mobile microprocessor.

WP_20130814_006This is coupled with a 400 megahertz (MHz) SGX540 PowerVR-based GPU. This was perhaps not a great decision as this GPU was introduced in 2007 and is, therefore, more than a bit out of date.

It has one gigabyte of memory and just 1GB of available storage, but it does have a slot for a microSD card of up to 32GB – that’ll be an obligatory extra at a small cost. It comes pre-loaded with Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) – hopefully it will get an update to Jelly Bean.

There is a substantial 2000mAh battery- similarly priced devices from HTC for example, come with a 1650 mAh battery so this is very good indeed. In our tests, it was capable of running for between 1.5 and 2 days on modest usage.

Low Down: 4500

The Prestigio 4500 features an additional bonus to its 5430 brother, it has dual SIM trays housed neatly under the battery cover.  You are able to pop in two SIM’s and switch quite easily between the two.

WP_20130814_007Oddly you can’t have 3G service on both at the same time. One can have 3G – WCDMA while the other is just a basic GSM service. I don’t think this will be too much of an issue for most people however. Most likely dual SIM users will want one SIM for data, and another for calls, especially when roaming.

The 4500 Duo is a dual-core phone, which uses the A9 chip clocked at 1.2GHz. While certainly not a top-end spec, in reality it’s actually perfectly snappy. It’s worth considering that the lack of bulky overlay (skinning) means that you’re probably getting a phone that’s not as hampered as those from say Samsung or HTC.  I found that swiping between screens and going in and out of menus very quick.

The battery in the 4500 Duo is a 1850mAh which on the surfaces doesn’t seem too bad but scratch deeper and there is a big problem.  One of the downsides to dual SIM devices is that just the standby time is a huge drain on them.  Having both SIM cards in at once depletes the device after about 10-12 hours of light to moderate use.  If you think about who this device is for, world travelers, then 10-12 hours will get you from 6am to between 4pm and 6pm so not brilliant.  Having said this if you remove one SIM then things improve but this defeats the point really.


Daytime readability comparison

Daytime readability comparison (4500 Left) (5430 Right)

Both devices feature an IPS display, with the 5430 having a 4.3″ and a QHD resolution of 540×960. The 4500Duo has a 4.5″ IPS display with a resolution of 960×540 and has Corning® Gorilla® Glass.  Neither device is brilliant in direct sunlight even with the brightness turned up.

You can clearly see that in our test image here that neither device would be good in sunny conditions, this test was done on an overcast day.

Video play back was in general very good and we did not encounter any choppiness like we did in our Vodafone Smart 3 review


The camera in both devices is an 8mp unit and on the whole actually very good. Pictures are not going to be super crisp and they do lack some finer details but both phones will do very well for Facebooking, Tweeting and Instagramming.

Call Quality & Connectivity

Making calls on both devices is as you would expect, normal Android affair, it works and the quality is very good.  Messaging too is equally good and the 4500 coms with the stock Android keyboard and the 5430 a more cramped derivation of it.

Connectivity to WiFi was rock solid and connections never dropped during testing, the only drops were caused by our router.


When deciding what to give these devices we have to consider that for less than €270 you are getting:

  • Either a Dual Core or Single Core device with Hyper-Threading.
  • 1GB Ram
  • 1.2gHz Processors
  • ICS (5430) and Jelly Bean (4500)
  • SIM Free
  • Dual SIM (4500)
  • Less than €270

WP_20130814_004Taking all this into account and also the fact that both devices are very very good coming up with a score is hard to do.  For example lets say the Samsung Galaxy S4 gets a 4/5 rating, can I give these a 4/5 rating, some would say of course not.  But remember their placing and their competition, these are not competing against an S4 or even an S3 but more against the HTC One SV or the Nokia Lumia 520 or the S3 Mini.

So if you want unlocked for any network then you can’t go too far wrong with these and for this reason we score these for their range as follows:

Prestigio 4500Duo: 3.5 / 5

Prestigio 5430: 4 / 5

Our thanks to Harvey Norman for providing us with the devices, please visit here for all their Prestigio devices and more.

Check out our gallery below

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5 thoughts on “Prestigio Multiphones 4500Duo and 5430 Review

    • Thanks for pointing out this oversight Rich, both devices feature 4GB storage built in so you will need to buy an SD card also. The full specifications can be seen by clicking the specifications image, they will open up to the full spec sheet.

      Thanks for reading

  1. I bought one Prestigio 4500 recently and honestly this is one of the best dual sim phones around. The performance is super. No one mentioned, the phone come with gorilla glass, 2 years factory warranty. As mentioned above in the post, the camera has no waooo taken despite 8mp. I bought this phone from a friend less than €230. Precisely €225.00 and he still have 5 left for anyone interested.

  2. Can anyone tell me any alternative pouch for Pres. 4500. The leather pouch that came with it is a case. It takes ages to remove the phone from the pouch and you tend to loose all calls daily if care is not taken. May be am the old type. Appreciate easy one alternative for the factory pouch please.

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