Socialcast For Windows Phone

6446f3d6-951a-4259-a704-16b4eb7488a0With the Socialcast mobile app for Windows Phone, you can get work done and stay connected to your team whether you’re away from your desk, at a meeting, or catching up on work during break.

The Socialcast Windows Phone app is now available for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

  • Clutter-free reading experience
  • Simple one-tap interactions to easily post a message, comment, or Like a message
  • Panorama user interface so that Windows Phone users can navigate Socialcast in a manner similar to other Windows Phone social networking apps
  • f11402b8-1655-4a05-a50b-6a3fb134efacRefined color, scale, and typography to help make the content in your Socialcast community easy to view

Today we are excited to announce the new Socialcast mobile app for Windows Phone, now available in the Windows Phone Store.

At Socialcast, we’re focused on delivering a mobile experience that’s personal, contextual, and simple. Our mobile development team is not simply shrinking the web app to fit a smaller screen; we are reimagining Socialcast mobile apps to meet the specific needs of mobile users. We are also embracing each platform’s unique design strategy in order to create a simple, intuitive experience that is optimal for that particular device.

This strategy is very apparent in the new Socialcast Windows Phone app. We embraced Windows Phone design guidelines, and made an app that gives users “more with less”. The app is easy to use, and packed with features to keep users connected and up to date with what is happening in their Socialcast community.


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