Timely Alarm Clock – It’s About Time

timelyI stumbled upon what is one of the best designed apps I’ve ever seen yesterday – Timely. Android has a reputation for not having the best quality apps, but timely is not one of these, I might even dare to say Google could take a few things from this app.

The app is free for 5 days, and then you’ll have to pony up €2.49, but that’s only if you buy it within 5 days, otherwise it’ll be €3.32 for you. You can also share the app 20 times to get it for free.


Now, before I get carried away – Timely is a clock app, which allows you to set an alarm, use a stopwatch and a timer, but this is like no other clock app I’ve ever seen. The app is divided into 3 separate pages, the one on the left with the alarm, the middle with the current time and date, and the one on the right with both the stopwatch and the timer.

Timely allows you to customise the colour in the background on each individual page as much as you like, or you can just set it to one of the defaults.

The app also has beautiful animations running in the background like bubbles and ripples where you touch. The number changing animation is also very nice.


As well as a stunning design, Timely packs some very useful features, my favourite being the connected accounts.


Timely allows you to connect your Google account to the app on all of your devices, so when you set an alarm on your tablet, you can make it go off on your phone as well, or just your phone. This works really well if you use an old android device as an alarm clock – or for pranking other people.

Staying with the alarm, setting it is quite interesting. You simply swipe from the left edge and then swipe up or down to set the time. It’s not something I can explain, you’ll just have to download the app and try it for yourself.

The alarm does have some nice tones, but not many. I’ll be hoping for more in a future update, which I’m sure there will be.



Another cool feature is that you can set the alarm to show you a puzzle, random pattern or a maths question to answer when it goes off, so you can’t deactivate it until you’ve completed the puzzle. They’re not hard, but they do require you to move, which is enough for me.

The timer is set by swiping in a circle around the time, which is very cool and of courser there are nice animations when it’s being used.

The Stopwatch is no different of course, staying with the same elegant design and functionality.

I really can’t recommend this app enough, it’s well worth the money and you can just use the trial version if you want.

The app can be found here and I definitely recommend it.


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