SafeTrx App, Making Sailing Safer

Designed in close cooperation with SAR professionals, SafeTrx is a vessel tracking Smartphone application that fills a critical gap in the maritime situational awareness picture.

The solution is the first of its kind, providing a means for boaters to file a Sail Plan (SP) with the Coast Guard from a Smartphone. With a set of server side processes, the solution monitors the journey, alerts designated contacts should a journey exceed an ETA and provides a web-based user interface for the Coast Guard to rapidly assist in locating an overdue vessel. SafeTrx is an innovative  tool aimed to complement the existing technology that assists in saving lives at sea.


DSI Adpative, a specialist projects group within DeCare Systems Ireland (DSI), is responsible for the design and development of the SafeTrx solution. Delivering world class Enterprise IT solutions since 1998, DSI focuses on architecture, consultancy & strategy, project management, web design & development and mobile development

Designed to complement the existing technologies that save lives at sea, SafeTrx provides a means for boaters to file a Sail Plan (SP) with the Coast Guard from a Smartphone.

How It Works

Boater Registration

• Register vessel & personal details.
• Enter emergency contact details in SafeTrx Web.
• Accept End User Licence Agreement.

Create SP On Departure

• Launch app. Enter vessel details, destination ETA, no. of people on board & purpose of trip.
• Choose trip start, waypoint & end point.
• Press “Set Sail’.

GPS Tracking On Vessel

• Transmits position, speed & heading to the server at regular intervals.
• Coast Guard uses SafeTrx Monitoring Console to track active SPs.

Successfully Close SP

• Closes out SP on reaching destination or amends details mid-passage.

Failure To Close SP

• Triggers a set of escalation SMS messages to the boater’s emergency contacts and Coast Guard.
• SafeTrx Monitoring Console assists in locating overdue vessel.

SafeTrx is available now for the Irish and Austrialian seaboards and downloadable for iPhone and Android below:

ISA logo

“SafeTrx helps take the search out of search and rescue. It encourages all sea users to plan and execute their trips better, safer and gives assurance to friends and partners ashore.”

Chris Reynolds, Director, Irish Coast Guard (IRCG)

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