Toshiba Qosmio X70 A-10W – Initial Impressions

qosmio-x70-aToshiba has recently just updated it’s line of Qosmio Gaming Laptops with the X70 range, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Qosmio X70 A-10W, so here are my initial impressions.

1. Are all gaming laptops this bulky?

Ok, so, I am coming from a Toshiba Satellite L750D 14R, which is a family laptop, and weighs a mere 2.5Kg, which I thought was heavy for a laptop that didn’t have top notch performance, then I got the Qosmio in my hands.

The Qosmio weighs 3.5Kg, which is a lot heavier than I’m used to, it’s also 44mm at it’s thickest point compared to my regular laptops 37.5mm body at thickest.

There is a substantial difference in all aspects of these laptops, but I can’t help but wonder are all gaming laptops this thick? Is there no solution for gamers who want a sub 3Kg device?

This thing packs enough power to put some desktops to shame, so I’ll forgive the thickness for now.

2. This is a very nicely built laptop

The first thing I noticed was the keyboard.

I can’t get into detail now how amazing it is but I’ll just say this, it glows red. That and the fact that it is built very solidly, this is by far my favourite laptop keyboard ever.

TOSHIBA QOSMIO X70-A-10N 3The Touchpad is a very nice size and placed very well.  It allows me to zoom and scroll using two-fingered gestures, which is nice as the 1080p screen shrinks text to an almost too small size for me.

The screen is placed inside the bezel, which of course means there’s no edge to edge glass, which is a bit of a downer.

The metallic red trim on the outside of the laptop is a very nice touch by Toshiba and I’m currently loving the whole ‘Red’ theme, even though it is not my favourite colour.


My initial experience with the speakers – WOW.  I hate to sound cliché by saying wow but that’s basically the only way I can describe them.  They are so loud that I couldn’t believe it. I’ll be listening for distortion in the future, but for now – WOW.

3. WiFi issues.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, why are Wifi issues in your initial impressions? Well, because they’re my initial impressions, not yours, and the fact that this laptop has been dropping Wifi every 5-10 mins has been a huge issue, even though I have only had it for a short period of time.  I’m still looking for a fix, but let this be a warning if you plan to purchase this device.

4. Performance

Booting up took roughly 8 seconds. I don’t know about other laptops but this is a crazy fast speed for me.

The laptop also had no issues whatsoever zipping through windows 8 and it’s apps as well as web browsing.

So these have been my initial impressions with the device, stay tuned for a review of the device from me in the near future. If you have had any experiences with the laptop just let me know. If you want to see anything specific covered like performance in games just let me know, until next time.


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