Zens Wireless Charger & Nokia Lumia 925 Charging Cover Review

The other week we received into ITB the Zens Wireless Charger and a Nokia Lumia 925 charging shell to test out. Having been the owner of a Lumia 925 for a few months now, previously an 820 I had never actually used a wireless charger myself.  However this is not our first on ITB we did review the Maxell Air Voltage previously. Firstly the Zens uses Qi technology which is pretty much the norm in devices these days, however it is not the norm for devices to have Qi built in.  While devices such as the Lumia 925 and indeed the Samsung Galaxy S3 feature Qi they need a special shell to enable it, other devices such as the Lumia 920 an Nexus 4 do not.

Lumia 925 Charging Cover

Official Lumia 925 Charge Case Required

Official Lumia 925 Charge Case Required

We all know how phone cases and covers work by now and the 925 Charging Shell is no different, for me all I had to do was slip the beautiful and sleek 925 into the shell and I was good to go.  The shell does not detract from the beauty of the 925, more so it actually enhances it, but it does also add a tiny bit of width. The camera on the 925 protrudes slightly due to its design and the charging cover allows for this and handily protects it.

Zens Wireless Charger


The Zens Wireless Charger

The Zens is very different to the Maxell Air Voltage we previously reviewed which was a great big hulking piece of tech, the Zens is sleek, thin and come in a beautiful white.  Once plugged in you just sit your phone down on the left hand part of the Zens an it should begin to charge.  I say should here for a reason and that reason is because sometimes it doesn’t. There is no fault per say but the issue is that due to the design having the charging panel on the left it is sometimes hard to position your phone exactly. 

The super slim Zens

The super slim Zens

Due to the fact that the Zens is so small and that phones these days are much bigger than the Zens you can’t just casually through your phone onto it like you can with the Maxell.  This being said, once you get the hang of it you will not have any problems. The Zens features an indicator light which will light when charging and extinguish when the charging is complete which is a must have feature so as not to waste electricity.

So to pick yourself up a Zens head over to here and for the Lumia 925 Charging cover head here


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