Microsoft To Buy Nokia’s Device And Service Business

elop-ballmer-1346872124Yes… read that right, this huge news broke last night while a lot of us were sleeping.  Depending who you are and where your views about Microsoft and Nokia stand this is Good, Bad and Sad news all at the same time.

Microsoft is set to acquire Nokia’s Device & Services Unit pending approval in early 2014 for €3.79 billion for the business unit and €1.65 billion for their patents. According to the press releases, 32,000 people will transfer across Microsoft, including 4,700 people in Finland and 18,300 employees directly involved in product manufacture.  In addition to all of this Microsoft have also bought the rights to the Lumia and Asha brands.

Microsoft will also get 10 year non-exclusive rights to use Nokia patents and likewise Nokia get rights to use Microsoft’s patents within its HERE Maps platform.

So Nokia is not going to be completely taken over, Nokia will still exist, it will still develop but its smartphone division will now be the property of Microsoft.

We are still going through all the press releases this morning but I don’t believe this to be a bad thing, certainly not a bad move for either company financially either.  I think Windows Phone will now grow quicker, stronger and better than ever before with Nokia know how behind the scenes.  The Windows Phone platform is my personal choice of all the OSes out there, for me its the slickest, quickest and nicest to use, and I’ve used them all.

So watch this space


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