Nokia Lumia 625 Light Leak Is Not A Defect

WP_20130902_19_37_04_ProWe recently reviewed the Nokia Lumia 625 and one of our findings was that there appeared to be quite a substantial light leak from the device. However we know that LCD displays can produce this form of light leakage.

Some blogs out there such as WMPowerUser quoting from WindowsMania are suggesting that this may be a flaw.

We reached out to Nokia Ireland who discussed this with the technical boffins back at Nokia HQ and below is what they said.  This is not an issue, nor do you have any claim to return the device as faulty, its simply a limitation of LCD technology.

SR 3949: Lumia 625 Light Leakage (ie. Backlight non-uniformity) issue

Affected Products or Services

Lumia 625 (RM-941, RM-942, RM-943)


There is a potential risk that end users may complain of light leakage or bright spots in the Lumia 625’s Display under certain settings and when viewing certain types of content.

Note, this is NOT a defect and therefore is NOT an allowed return as this is normal behavior of the Lumia 625. The issue is caused by a technical limitation in the LCD technology used.

Bulletin Content

Settings where this may be seen:

1) under the SETTINGS menu, the Display brightness “Automatically adjust” (factory default setting) is turned Off and the brightness level is then manually set to High, AND

2) the end user is viewing an all black colored or an all black background image/video.


– The user may observe bright spots in the lower area of the display (mainly above the 3 Windows Phone keys).


1) Please explain to the user that all LCD displays have a certain amount of light leakage, this is a known limitation of the technology.

2) Please then continue to explain that the Lumia 625’s display is optimized to achieve the best possible viewing experience for active content (ie. browsing, watching videos, reading emails, etc.)

3) For any user that might be bothered such light leakage, the following settings will help improve their viewing experience:

– Go into SETTINGS, BRIGHTNESS, set Automatically Adjust to ON, or

– Go into SETTINGS, BRIGHTNESS, set brightness Level to medium or to low, or

– Go into SETTINGS, THEME, set Background color to Light


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