Apple’s New iPhone 5C and 5S Inc. Poll For Your View

Apple revealed their new iPhone 5C and 5S devices today, showing off what we all knew they would from months of leaks.  The event featured lots of spin and glossy presentations of the services from iOS7 to apps to finally the new devices themselves. Apple as usual are masters of spin an despite announcing nothing hugely new other than a cheaper made version of the iPhone 5, but yet not really any cheaper they will still sell bucket loads.

iPhone 5C

color_split_back_ipad_lThe 5C has the same A6 processor seen in the iPhone 5, with the same 8MP rear-camera, and a new FaceTime HD camera.

It is also said to have a slightly larger capacity battery than the original iPhone 5 but in true Apple tradition they would not say what the capacity is.

Considering that this is basically just a cheaper made (for Apple) iPhone 5 you will be paying out €499 for the 16GB and €599 for the 32GB.

It will be available in 5 colours, white, pink, yellow, blue and green and the back plate is polycarbonate which is reinforced by steel underneath.

These do admittedly look nice but sadly these prices really do mean that a lot of buyers and people in emerging markets will not be able to afford them.

iPhone 5S

performance_heroApple also introduced the ‘brand new’ iPhone 5S, yes it is new, trust us.

The processor’s gotten more powerful. It’s the A7 chip, and it’s got a 64-bit architecture a first for a mobile device, and should allow the processor to do twice the work as the normal 32-bit processors.

There’s also a new onboard motion-processing chip, called M7. It’s there to make rendering games even better. 

Battery life is again touted as better or the same as the iPhone 5, so I would guess it’s the same battery but new algorithms are most likely improving things.

There’s a new camera lens, with a f2.2 aperture and a bigger sensor. The pixels are also stated as bigger, because “bigger pixels=better pictures” according to Apple. Apple’s Tim Cook also said that the iPhone 5S camera is still the camera to beat today.  This is a claim that not only Nokia would laugh at with their Lumia 1020 but also Sony with the Xperia Z1 featuring a 21MP camera.

Also brand new is a finger print scanner which Apple are calling Touch ID.  You will be able to unlock the device, pay for apps and more just by scanning your finger. DANGER Will Robinson, DANGER, this is what I hear when I saw this feature. With all the NSA hacking news of late, I just don’t trust that my biometric information is securely stored and also will the NSA and others be able to access this.

The price you ask…what is the price, well brace yourself, it starts at £549 for the 16GB and a massive £709 (Sterling).  At least one Irish carrier so far have said they will be stocking both the 5C and 5S and that is Three Ireland.

So what do you think of the new devices, let us know via our poll below:


4 thoughts on “Apple’s New iPhone 5C and 5S Inc. Poll For Your View

  1. Just to clear something up on cameras. More megapixels does not mean a better camera. 6 megapix will give a decent A4 print. I used to use one for press work and sold printed pictures from it. Nobody was able to tell it wasn’t from a 35mm negative.

    Probably the biggest difference in the 5s is that they are using “crystal” over the lens. Basically, no matter how good your view is, if your window has crap / smudged / blemished glass in it, you won’t get a good picture. So they are implying that they have improved the optics. I have an 11mp dslr now and the glass in all but top end pro lenses is not good enough to take advantage of that resolution. At 15mp you are getting higher resolution than you would with old 35mm film of 25 iso…. and I’ve seen that used up to billboard size!

    I would be of the opinion that 8mp is probably too large for the Apple 5s as I doubt any camera / lens of that size can really handle that resolution.

    Frankly the more megapixels a camera has the more of a headache it is with files taking up a lot of storage space.

    At 21mp the Xperia is a joke. It is purely a marketing ploy for those that don’t understand that more is not necessarily better.

    Also, with regard to pixel size. Larger really is better. It makes the chip more stable with less interference between pixels. The denser the pixels the more static jump there is between them which shows up as noise. This also applies to longer exposures, which is something the faster aperture (f2.2) should reduce.

    I haven’t seen any results from the Apple 5s but on paper it should be a very capable camera (for a mobile phone). If Apple would like to give me one which I can test I’d be happy to.

    • Absolutely its not about MP and the Pureview system give 5mp images over sampled. But you can also then take the full 38mp actual images too.

      Have a read of what professional photographers are saying about the 1020, iPhone just comes no where near it.

      The Z1 employs the same tech as their dslr camera but alot of that is marketing

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