Google Celebrates 10 Years In Dublin, Opens The Foundry Innovation Centre

imageTaoiseach Enda Kenny officially opened Google’s new The Foundry, a €5.5 million investment at its European HQ in Dublin.

Google describes it as a “digital innovation centre”. Online advertisers from across Europe and Africa will be invited to Dublin by Google to take part in training events and digital research, using consumer behaviour data compiled by Google.

The Foundry has 80 events booked in for this year and Google says it hopes the centre will attract up to 15,000 new business visitors from overseas to Dublin annually.

4a465e226d0311e19e4a12313813ffc0_7Google despite some of it’s recent underhanded ways in relation to its competition is a brilliant company and has been in Ireland for 10 years starting in Earlsfort Terrace in 2003 employing just five people.

Now they are occupying a state-of-the art monolith spanning four buildings on Dublin’s Barrow Street which is now the company’s headquarters for Europe employing 2,500 people.


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