The Oppo N1 – What we know so far

Today I thought I’d address Oppo and their upcoming handset – The N1.

The handset is set to be unveiled on the 23rd of September with no rumours of availability yet, but I suspect they’ll be pushing it out around October/November time. We know that the device will have a 12mp camera, a 5.9-inch bezel-less screen, a rear touch panel and an aluminium unibody.

The 12mp camera may not sound exciting, with the lumia 1020’s 41mp sensor completely destroying it, but it does have a trick up it’s sleeve. The Oppo N1’s camera will be capable of taking long exposure shots, just like the 1020, apparently the exposure time can range up to 8 seconds. The image below was allegedly taken with the device, it’ll be interesting to see how it compares to other cameras.


The N1 is supposedly going to cost around €490 which is roughly £410, which is a very good price if the device can deliver. We have some leaked shots of the device here:



Now, we all saw Sony’s weird attachment lenses recently, they’re overpriced. Oppo may seek to compete as a leaked image shows the N1 with attachable lenses. I’m not really sure I  like the idea of attachable lenses as I haven’t used one, but I’d love to give Oppo’s version a go.


That’s all for now, stay tuned for further updates on the device.


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