Nokia Lumia 1020 Initial Impressions

WP_20130919_17_55_28_ProITB received the beautiful yellow Nokia Lumia 1020 yesterday and so far so good, we are still putting it through its paces so this is just our initial thoughts.

We like lots, we have some issues but all in all its epic….so far

Out of The Box – What’s Great

The version we have is yellow and while many are not sure on the yellow it certainly stands out. In the office it immediately draws attention and questions, on the colour but especially when people see the massive 41MP camera hump. The hump just doesn’t exist on any other phone out right now so its instantly apparent that this is no normal phone.

Honestly and thankfully I can say that so far no one has asked ‘hey is that the new iPhone 5C’, I have my whipping stick just in case anyone does.

Personally I can notice the extra boost in speed with 2GB of RAM now on board, especially noticeable on heavier apps like CNN that uses a lot of images and video, it now opens quicker.

The camera of course is amazing, just knowing that you can pull out a phone from your pocket at any event, party or otherwise and get an amazing shot is a great feeling. Knowing that you have the best camera there too is even better, DSLR’s aside.

Out of The Box – What Needs Work

I haven’t really noticed any issues other than what I will speak of now and these for the most are now all okay.

The Package

I really love the wireless charging aspect of my 920, and while the 1020 is prepped for wireless charging its an additional purchase the get the charge cover. I think at least one charge cover should be included in the retail package, at least for sim unlocked versions which are hundreds of euros.

Nokia Pro Cam

Nokia Pro Cam is amazing, its powerful and allows you to take virtually full control over your photos. However I have noticed that when you look at the screen on NPC versus the old native camera the NPC has a very yellow tinge. For me this tinge doesn’t follow through into the captured pictures but for some it reportedly is. Nokia Pro Cam got pulled from the store recently to have some updates done. I’m not sure what was done, but when it came by my 920 saw it as the same version, so this seemingly means nothing was done. So perhaps the boffins at Nokia might want to have a look at this.

Email Woes

Updated: Now resolved, only with a full reset though.

This is one I’m hoping will fully resolve but trying to set up my email results in constant Windows Live synch errors, I have to manually hit synch every few minutes for an hour to get my inbox up to date. Today while email is getting to my inbox I receive no notification, no audio alert or lock screen notifications even though everything is setup correctly.

All in all I am very impressed and please with the 1020, I love a great camera but I love a great phone first and fore most and the 1020 is that and has not a great camera, an amazing camera.

Stay tuned for more and our full review coming soon.


2 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 1020 Initial Impressions

  1. Any word on a release date on O2 Ireland yet? Is any other network picking this up here? I know 3 are probably a lost cause but what say Vodafone, Meteor and e-mobile?

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