O2 Ireland Getting 64GB Lumia 1020

O2 Ireland have exclusive rights to sell the Nokia Lumia 1020 when it launches in Ireland very soon.

A Community manager called Lisa has confirmed on their support forums that they will be getting the 64GB version of the 1020. We assume also that they may have the 32GB but it is great to see that they are not just taking the safer option.

O2 UK had confirmed previously that they also were stocking 64GB variants but this Irish confirmation came on September 20th.




4 thoughts on “O2 Ireland Getting 64GB Lumia 1020

  1. O2 UK are not selling the 32GB version, only the 64GB.

    Do you know what colours O2 Ireland are getting? O2 UK only have Black and Yellow. You have to go to Carphone Warehouse or Phones4U in the UK to get a White version.

  2. The phone is on sale with O2 as of today. They only have the Black 64GB version, no white and, alas, no yellow. I’m not letting that stop me. I’m getting mine tomorrow.

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