HP Slate 7 Un-boxing And Preview

hp-slate-7-stock-presWith Christmas fast approaching many families and parents will now be looking to start their Christmas shopping. One of the top sellers each year are tablets and each year parents are hounded by their kids looking for them.

I know from personal experience having 4 children myself that they constantly want the iPad or the Laptop or our smartphones to play on. The problem with this is that many households will have more expensive adult orientated devices such as iPads. Not the sort of thing you want little Timmy to drop on the hard kitchen tiles, no sir.

So this year ITB will be looking at affordable tablets for kids and first up is the HP Slate 7 which is a 7″ LCD tablet with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. It has all the usual goodies that you would expect with an Android device such as the Play Store. This is great as a lot of the child orientated devices such as the Meep of Nabi are not allowed a Play Store licence by Google and that is a big problem with the kids.


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