Ireland, Have You Seen Sailfish OS by Jolla

widejolladevices2The Sailfish OS and Jolla the company may not be something you have heard of in Ireland if you are not keeping up with smartphones that closely.

Jolla is a group of ex-Nokia employees and who formed Jolla after Nokia discontinued their MeeGo work.

This video shows off some of the features of Sailfish, which include native Android apps out of the box, not emulated. Progress is astonishing in terms of what has been done in such a short amount of time.

For more information and to pre-order your Jolla device see

ITB is due to get a copy of this device around launch so hopefully that transpires and we can give you a full review.


One thought on “Ireland, Have You Seen Sailfish OS by Jolla

  1. Looks impressive. I guess the dream scenario is that Jolla becomes a success and Nokia buys it in 3 years and starts making smartphones again. The native Android apps give it a real chance, but it will hinge, in Ireland at least, on whether or not the carriers pick it up. Good luck to them.

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