What tech means for Ireland

Mobile World Congress Large_Nowadays, it can seem as if absolutely everything has gone online. Whether you go into your bank branch to notify them about a change of address, or to enquire about a particular book at your local library, the chances are that you will be directed to a website.

The advantage of this is that so much can be done without even leaving the house. Given the nature of good, traditional Irish weather, that can be a real blessing. It also empowers more rural communities, and gives them access to services that they might not previously have been able to enjoy.

So all in all, getting online is absolutely imperative, and is a pre-requisite for pretty much everyone. However, having taken the decision to join the ranks of the digital revolutionaries, the consumer is still faced with a conundrum. With so many different technological devices available to you, which one do you go for?

New technology

Toshiba offer an extensive range of computers and laptops, with each one fulfilling a different purpose. Whether you would look to use your machine to trawl through old archive material, write up presentations, watch films, collect music, and many more things besides, you will find the one that is right for you.

The advantage of a laptop is of course portability but other modern solutions including computer tablets now target that niche.

A report on Businessetc.thejournal.ie from last March explained that tablet ownership had doubled from 8% to 16% in Irish households but that laptops still reigned supreme with 88% owning one. The bulkier desktop PC was found in only 67% of homes so you can see for yourself how popular laptops are; but why?

Why laptops? 

Without necessarily compromising on the quality and power generated by a more traditional family desktop, a laptop brings a sleek style that is just right for the modern age. Whilst retaining all the functionality that you will want in a computer, a laptop’s accessibility is a major plus point.

You might want to search for Christmas presents whilst sat on the sofa, cup of tea in hand, or maybe from bed if you’re feeling cheeky. You might want to go around to your friend’s place to show them your holiday snaps or maybe sit in the garden in the shade and enjoy a film. A laptop allows you to do that.

Ultimately, you don’t really have a choice about going online any more – the rest of the world has already made that decision for you!

What you can do is to ensure that the machine to help you do so is the best one you can possibly have, one that suits your needs, understands the way you work and says a lot about you as a person.


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