Hologuide 2nd Generation A.I.

Hologuide Airport low resVBC is an Irish company who specialize in a product called Hologuide which features Hali or Holographic Life Like Intelligence.

We have all seen technology like this in movies but VBC and Toshiba are rolling this out across shopping centers, airports and more, Dublin Airport for example beta tested Hali.

There is huge potential here with endless possibilities as to Hali’s implementation, home integration too im sure, imagine having an A.I butler, can I get a 6 foot tall hunky man version though please.

For more information see the full press release below:


Hologuide™ is a world-first virtual intelligence display product developed by Irish company VBC. This incredible technological breakthrough provides exciting new opportunities for a variety of industries to engage with their customers and is set to revolutionise consumer-technology interactions.

Hologuide is a human-sized and human-shaped display that interacts with and guides customers. It comes with an array of incredible features such as gender, age and mood recognition. For the first time ever consumer data can be captured in–store, in real-time and can complement your online consumer insights.

The interactive product can act as customer-service, assist with product queries or simply be a friendly smiling face that greets customers as they walk through the door. Shoppers of all ages can easily interact with Hologuide without having to press any buttons or be tech-savvy in any way.

Retailers can also have peace of mind in the knowledge that the technology is globally installed and supported by Toshiba Tec and is virtually maintenance free.

New technology is driving the change that the retail industry needs, Hologuide isn’t just new, it’s radically different” says Alan Dowling, Founder and CEO of VBC, “Having Hologuide in-store is like having your customers walking through your real world store with cookies enabled.”

What services can use it?

Hologuide will be rolled out across the UK retail sector in the coming months with plans to follow up into the Irish market soon after. It will eventually expand features to enable further exciting customer engagement opportunities. The sheer potential of this technology means that industries across the country will inevitably adopt this trail blazing product.

Here’s the TECHY bit:

The Central Nervous System:

This is the very core of the Hologuide.  A powerful image transmission solution is needed to create such life-like images. With power; reliability and performance is also ensured plus the bonus of low running cost. Each tower is built to last and is capable of running for up to 20,000 hours.  A subtle glow ring emanates around the tower and informs passers-by that the system is active and aware. 


With Hologuide production everything is shot in 4K. To put this into perspective a 4k image is twice the resolution of an average HDTV. Utilising 4K allows VBC to manipulate the video in minute detail.

VBC has been pioneering work on seamless video technology. This creates as close to life-like interaction as is possible without being a real person. The approach is not to use avatars or animations to look like real people. VBC actually just use real people.

This high contrast dynamic display using a real person interacting naturally using our unique virtual intelligence software.

Simple, natural expressions are used rather than overcomplicating messages with words only, which creates a far more realistic interaction. Despite its acrylic surface and thickness the Hologuide can be viewed from 180°which is far greater than it’s LCD square shaped equivalent. Who said digital signage had to be square?

High Contrast Display:

VBC works with 3M and their Vikuit™ Film for the guide aspect of the solution. They found this was the only product which stood up to their rigorous tests in the development phase of their solutions. It was the only product which allowed Hologuide have greater viewing angles, give amazingly vivid colours, high contrasts plus can be viewed from a much greater distance.

Acoustics/Virtual Headphones:

Audio is an element which is often overlooked.  AV or Audio Visual is 50% Audio and 50% Visual. The audio solution designed for the Hologuide was created to target a specific listening area. Using ultrasonic technology it emits a tightly focussed directional beam of sound that is heard only by those in the targeted area.

Unlike a conventional speaker, sound is not created omni-directionally at the speaker (emitter) surface but is created along and within a highly directional air column. Sound is only heard if a listener’s head is within the beam or the beam hits a reflective surface whereupon sound is created at the point of reflection. By directing the beam and locating reflective surfaces you can control the area and dispersion of sound.

The high precision targeting of Hologuide’s solution significantly minimizes the levels of noise pollution in both open and confined spaces and anywhere else ambient noise is an issue. This cuts through other ambient noise so the targeted area gets a clear high-fidelity audible message. Staff and others are not distracted by unwanted audio since audio is focused and placed where you want it and nowhere else.

Emotional Intelligence Expression:

It’s the randomness, spontaneity and subtle imperfections which make us human. Hologuide replicates these real-life expressions and builds a rapport with those who interact with it. Hologuide is a technological device which can make people smile.

The Brain of Hologuide – “Exibeo”:

Exibeo is the brain of the Hologuide. VBC gives the retailer access to this “brain” via their own cloud based platform. It can tell retailers if their customers are having a good day or how old their customers are, it can tell if they are male or female or what did they
ask for. Retailers can export a broad spectrum of data whenever they want or view this data using Hologuide’s simple customer dashboard.

To find out more visit www.vbc.ie.


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