4G In Ireland – What is it – How do I get it – Is it worth getting – #4G #Ireland


4G has just been launched in Ireland and it’s great to see, even though 3G coverage is still an issue from personal experience, it’s still good.

What I’ve been reading on many forums over the last few days is funny, funny in one respect and not in others. It’s the transparency of what has been given out to customers with unclear information and also what COMREG have failed again to tell the consumer regarding the coverage and the way they did NOT TELL YOU. A provider does not have to provide full coverage on 4G and also 3G. In some parts we have 2G and even no service at all.

The commuter belts and catchment areas really need ironing out as regards coverage and what can be provided it’s dreadful along the M3 for example. There are more mobile networks coming and again they simply can’t provide the service they want to sell fooling the customers into a product they can’t fulfill.

4G NOW is fine but what happens next year, will the spectrum be able to handle it if the uptake is good?


Okay so we have pricing, its not cheap, you loose either minutes or data allowance. People need to weigh up what they need BIG TIME, why? It’s capped and when you go over BOOOM big bills come in. Meteor however will have no cap until March 2014. GREAT!

You probably have a nice plan now and the options given to switch to 4G is rather limited and outdated. As an example, the 1gb plan.

Netfix users will say great, 4G, but hold on, a full HD film would be 2gb, bang! your monthly data allowance is gone.  So you need to be careful on how you use it.

1gb plans should be abolished except for maybe PAYG customers but on bill pay I find these plans rather odd and not acceptable in 2013. As it is, we are still paying more than our EU counterparts and paying the price and loosing allowance on 4G. In essence we are been fooled to some respect.

What is 4G

4G will allow customers with 4G devices to download video and audio content faster, stream video on handsets and tablets with little to no buffering, as well as upload photos and videos to social media almost instantly. Basically, everything you need data for on your phone will work smoother and faster. They say up to ten times faster, this wont last trust me.

What do I need for 4G

You need a 4G compatible handset to start end of story, these are becoming mainstream now and surely wall going will be in full swing by end of next year, where 3G handsets might fade off.

Lots of people today have phones that are years old and ask can they have 4G the answer is no. You must have a 4G sim card, current sims WONT WORK simple so forget about it, your provider gives you the sim for free, very nice, considering some charge for current sim cards.

You need to switch to a 4G plan, you can do this in your current contract now no matter how long is left or how recent you joined or signed up to a new plan.

You should check in store about 4G handsets, ask them, if unsure check a website, for example or ask us here, again there is a lack of information as to what handsets are in fact 4G compatible.

NOTE: Apple iPhone users can’t access the 4G network yet as the biggest company in the world has not certified it yet, a massive failure by Apple, and potentially damaging considering the upcoming 5s and 5c are due soon.


3 thoughts on “4G In Ireland – What is it – How do I get it – Is it worth getting – #4G #Ireland

  1. I have a samsung galaxy 3, live in co longford and have bad connectivity on 3.ie I would be delighted to get 3G let alone 4g. I was sold my phone this year with all you can eat, data at 39 euro per month on a 2 year contract, but I think it should have been all you can get if you are lucky!

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