Remember Whac-A-Mole, Inventor Blows Up His Warehouse

whack-a-moleDo you remember the game Whac-A-Mole, well its inventor Aaron Fechter accidentally blew up his warehouse this week. Aaron has been developing experimental alternative clean fuel that is similar to propane but burns much cleaner.

This warehouse is home to Aaron’s other inventions, he also make animatronics for TV adverts.  One local resident Tim Roth had this to say:

I ran through the blown-open doors of the warehouse where experimental cooking fuel had exploded — and stepped into a world of oddities strewn among the broken brick bits. He found himself searching for casualties among the knocked-down suits of armor, animatronics, old arcade games, clown suits and broken lighted signs as if he were in the Joker’s lair. “

No one thankfully was hurt in the explosion other than Aaron’s robot creations, however two Amtrak trains were delayed in the area.


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