Tesco’s Hudl Goes On Sale Today Across UK and NI

spin29Supermarket Giant Tesco announced recently their new Hudl tablet, and today is the day that the Hudl will go onsale across 1000 Tesco stores in the UK and NI and also online.

Hudl is a 7″ tablet designed by Tesco in partnership with a manufacturer based in China. Tesco says Hudl is tailored to its customers’ needs in that its focus is on accessibility and convenience.

It is a Wi-Fi-only device but has a 1.5GHz quad-core processor with up to 9 hours battery life when viewing video, so even more if you don’t watch too much movies.

spin20It has a scratch-resistant HD display which has a higher pixel density than the iPad mini at 243ppi and a 16:9 widescreen picture. 16GB storage is on board, this can be expanded up to 48GB via micro-SD, the operating system Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2.

The Hudl will come with Google’s Play Store and Tesco’s own store of sorts where you can create your online shopping lists and manage your Tesco Store Card. Hopefully Tesco will resist the urge to bombard users with adverts for Tesco products and services.

Hudl will be available in four colours (black, blue, red and purple) in 1,000 UK Tesco stores, as well as on Tesco.com and Tesco Direct sites from Today. It will cost £119 or less than £100 with Clubcard Boost.

No details as yet for an Irish release but we will be getting a Hudl very shortly for review, until then Irish consumers could always take a trip up north to a UK store.


One thought on “Tesco’s Hudl Goes On Sale Today Across UK and NI

  1. The “hudl” is a very clever piece of marketing backed up by a product that actually delivers. It would have been so easy for Tesco to c*ck this up by touting an inferior product (Argos MyTablet anyone?) but have come up with a device that stands up against the competition. Combine this with a strong brand identity and I can see the hudl brand will grow and grow over the years and maybe extended to other tech products in the future

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