Is Instagram and Facebook Breaking The Law ?

instaface-facebook-instagramI am no legal expert here but it seems to me that in principal anyway that Facebook are breaking the law when it comes to Instagram.

In the Irish media over the last few days Ryanair were accused of breaking the Consumer Protection Act 2007 by not providing a contactable email address for users. Ryanair have since added an email address in their support section. Aer Lingus previously were also taken to court over the same issue and they too were forced to provide a contactable manned support email address.

Now, here is my beef with Instagram and by default Facebook who own Instagram, Instagram used to have an email address listed but no longer do. Users with issues are directed to view a set list of possible issues that might happen to be the same as theirs. Users are pigeon holed into a set list, and if your issue is not there then too bad, you can’t just email them for help.

In terms of the airline examples I gave above Head of the National Consumer Agency Karen O’Leary said:

There are basic obligations that traders must adhere to when carrying out business with consumers over the internet, including the provision of an email address to facilitate contact by consumers.

This quote reigns true of my issue with Instagram and why I think they must be breaking some law, either local here in Ireland or at an EU level and if not they are in principal.

What do you our readers think.


2 thoughts on “Is Instagram and Facebook Breaking The Law ?

  1. Is someone/organisation who gives away a free app a trader? Can they be described as “carrying out business with consumers”?
    I wouldn’t have thought so.

    • Well that why they are not quite, but in principal this is the same issue that Ryanair and Aer Lingus got in trouble for.

      Companies should provide a manned contactable email, I have an issue right now and its not one of their issues. So for me I have nowhere to go, this is not good business in my mind.

      So they are not technically breaking the law, but they are using our information, our data, or location information at our permission yes….but they should do everything they can to help us too.

      Thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoy the site

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