Amazing GTA V Time Lapse, The Real World Sucks

GTAV_TimeScapingCreating time lapses is something that all arty photographers like to do every now and then and when done right they are stunning. When done wrong we end up watching some guys nostril hair growing one day at a time for 5 years….gross.

However The Despicable Channel have created a time lapse of the GTA V world, showing amazing scenes from dusk till dawn and lots of other brilliant sights from the city. Watching this you realize just how far video games have come, from graphics, to the A.I used within. You can see people driving their cars, birds flocking, people walking and going about their business, with virtually, if no repeats.

Watching this you also realize that some people have just got way too much time on their hands, get back to work you bums. Joking aside this is a brilliant creation and just as good as anything you would make in the real world. This is not time lapse, this is timescaping.


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