OtterBox Defender Series For Nokia Lumia 1020

WP_20131002_010Smartphone protection is a very important thing to consider when buying a smartphone these days. Many people forget the fact that they are going to be carrying around something worth hundreds of Euro in their pocket. A lot of people don’t research first to ensure they can get some form of case for their phone, many don’t care and don’t use them either.

However, despite the fact I have never dropped any of my phones bad enough to break anything I have been won over by OtterBox in recent times. Our previous OtterBox review for the Nokia Lumia 920 is here and for the most part this review will be very similar

OtterBox provide in my opinion the ultimate in protection for your €700 worth of the 41MP Lumia 1020. Dropping even a Nokia made device is going to damage it in some form, either scuffing, damaged corners or worse, a cracked screen or broken camera lens. The Defender Series is going to ruin the beautiful looks of your device, there is no getting away from that, but give it time and you soon see the benefit. Before the OtterBox I would take my devices out of my pocket as if they were an armed bomb, always making sure to have a full hold of it. With the OtterBox the peace of mind knowing that I can just grab it, throw it down onto a table or sofa and not worrying that it might bounce off is brilliant.

The main difference between the 920 version and the 1020 version is the great big hole carved out in the back to the 1020 camera hump. The other and welcomed edition along the sides are grip bumps to make the case less slippy, not that it is slippy. You will have full access to all ports, including the lanyard, and the speaker grill is also not blocked. The inset of the OtterBox is black rather than grey on the 920 edition which looks really good.

  • Designed specifically for the Nokia Lumia 1020
  • Boasts 3 layers of comprehensive protection
  • Use your Lumia 1020 whilst its in the case
  • Access to all ports and features
  • Includes a belt holster for easy access and transportation
  • Works with wireless charging solutions
Boasts 3 layers of comprehensive protection

The Otterbox Defender Series wraps your device in 3 layers of protection. The first layer is a strong poly-carbonate shell which caresses your Nokia Lumia 1020, which provides added protection against drops and bumps. The shell features cut outs which are designed to give you access to all of your devices ports and features.

Silicone skin to protect all of your device

The second layer is a silicone skin which wraps around the poly-carbonate shell and absorbs any shocks which would be otherwise felt by your device. The silicone skin also features cut outs to give you access to all ports and features, but it is design with silicone covers so you can ensure that, when not in use, all ports and features remain protected at all times.

Screen protection built-in to protect your device’s screen

The final layer of protection is a thermal-formed sheet which covers the screen and keys of your Nokia Lumia 1020 to give your device 360° protection at all times.

Includes a belt holster for easy access and transportation

Included with the Otterbox Defender case is a belt holder which features a swiveling belt-clip that will hold the device with the screen facing in or out, allowing for easy access or extra protection when carrying your Lumia 1020 on the move.


I would love if OtterBox had of built in the wireless Qi charging feature, with the 920 this did not matter as the 920 itself has Qi charging which worked even through the big case.

So please OtterBox consider adding in Qi charging, that’s its only flaw right now.

The case is available direct from


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