30 Day Challenge – Day 13 – I have Awoken


Hi everyone, you may have noticed that’s it’s been a while since I last wrote so let me just apologize for future times when/if this happens, my schedule is busier than ever, but, this has given me some time with Nokia Music+ to decide whether it rivals it’s opposition at all. (It does)

After spending 13 days with Nokia Music+ , aside from still loving the UI, I did find a few things that I would like Nokia to provide. So this article focuses mainly on the things that I like and really need to be talked about, and the things that I would like Nokia to provide.

1. Shouldn’t Google be better at this?

That’s right, I said it. As a hardcore Android lover it’s painful for me to admit that Nokia’s algorithms absolutely wipe the floor with Google’s. Of course, this may only apply with the indie/alternative genre, but from my experiences with All Access, when you use the radio feature, you’re skipping track after track, and it’s just not very nice most of time, but with Nokia’s mixes, you don’t even need the unlimited skips that you paid for, because the tracks that are selected suit the genre so well, props to Nokia here.


2. What are the words again?

During my time with Nokia Music+, there were those times when I wanted to read the lyrics of a song so I could sing along (quietly), but more often than not, I would get an error saying that the lyrics couldn’t be found. This happened on multiple occasions  and it began to irritate me how they didn’t have the lyrics, which is a paid feature.

3. There’s so much potential it irritates me

Nokia really struck out with this service. It’s fast, plays great music and is affordable at €3.99 a month, but one thing eludes me, why didn’t Nokia include the feature of  allowing us to stream any song?

Of course, you can search for any song and it will appear, but you can’t play the whole song, or store it offline. I wouldn’t mind paying extra for these features as they’re the ones I really need and love, maybe in the future Nokia will include them. (Please?)

So, what do you think? Should Nokia keep the same price and features, or make it a bit more expensive and include more? Let me know in the comments section and I’ll see you all next time.


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