HP Slate 7 Review

hp-slate-7-stock-presRecently we brought you the HP Slate 7 Un-boxing and Preview and this is our full written review. The Slate 7 is HP’s foray into the 7″ tablet section and it is a good one.

WP_20130927_01720130927170743 (1)Performance

The Slate 7 comes with Android’s Jelly Bean 4.11 pre-loaded and it is a stock affair which is great to see, no need to worry about skinning to slow things down. It has 8GB of onboard storage which is the minimum you should consider when purchasing a tablet. This means that the Slate 7 has roughly 5.5 to 6GB of available storage left after the system takes its needs. Thankfully you can expand the storage via an SD Card up to 32GB.

It has 1Gb of RAM and a 1.6GHz Dual-Core Cortex-A9 processor so performance on the Slate 7 is for the most part very quick and smooth. I experienced occasional slow down from time to time on some more graphic intensive apps and games, but don’t let that detract you from this. In terms of gaming performance you should not see too much slow down but when testing it with some driving games and others of that ilk we did see choppiness.

AnTuTu Benchmarking gave the the Slate 7 a score of 11834 which places it above a Galaxy Note for example but below a Google Nexus 7.


Screen resolution is 1024×600 and you can really see the pixels if you look close enough, which again should not put you off as flicking through screens, watching movies, you will soon not even notice it. The LCD display when outside is a bit of a different story however with the screen being hard to see even on an overcast day. Viewing angles are not bad but not brilliant and you will not be able to see anything from severe tilts and angles.


Beats Audio comes with the Slate 7 to ensure you get the best possible audio experience from the device. Beats is best experienced with headphones and especially Beats branded ones. The Beats feature can be turned on and off from the Settings area should it not be to your taste.


The Slate 7 features two on board cameras, one front one at 3MP and one rear VGA, don’t expect crystal clear performance from these as you will not get it. However for the purposes if Skyping and Video Chat these are perfectly acceptable, just don’t try to them for taking pictures at a party.

android_battBattery Life

Battery life on the Slate 7 will see you getting around the 9 hour mark, this will include surfing the web, gaming and video watching. Our team of testers consisted of an 8 year old and a 6 year old playing on the device for a whole day on and off and we still had 20% battery left by bedtime. So fear not, that long car journey down to family will see the kids occupied for the whole trip by the Slate 7.

Where To Buy

You can buy the HP Slate 7 from Harvey Norman for €129 which includes a free 8GB SD Card which is brilliant as this no doubles your onboard memory. This is one of the tablets from our Christmas run in feature of affordable tablets for kids. We can fully recommend it as a Christmas purchase, however if it is still too expensive just remember these rules for cheaper tablets. Don’t buy anything with less than 8GB of onboard storage and stick to IPS and LCD displays, stay clear of TFT displays, and don’t go near a resistive screen.


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