Dublin: Doro Liberto® 810 Launch

0Doro_Liberto_810_front_and_backDoro is a company who you may not have heard of before, but Doro make mobile phones, fixed line phones and now smartphones. The Doro Liberto® 810 is actually Doro’s second smartphone but their first real smartphone if truth be told.

Launching tonight in Dublin’s glitzy Café en Seine, the media will get to see for the first time the Doro Liberto® 810 and probably more of their products too.

Doro products are designed to make using them much easier and simpler, especially for older people who would not be familiar with smartphones. The 810 features large icons and real physical keys for easy navigation.

0Doro_Liberto_810_phoningdisplay_english_frontNot much is known about the inner workings of the device such as RAM and Processor but we do know some things. One brilliant feature is that SwiftKey is the pre-installed native keyboard. Also built in is a 5MP camera, WiFi, 3G and Android 4.1 which is skinned with Doro’s own UX. The display size is 53x87mm with a resolution of 800×480 and has an overall size of 126 x 66 x 12,5mm.

Google Play will come installed and will give access to the normal Play store, however this is an assumption right now as it may be a limited version but hopefully not.

large-screen-smartphoneIreland’s Technology Blog will be receiving a Doro Liberto® 810 very soon and will report back with a full review. For now we have included a link to the full official specifications below.

Full Specifications



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