Aer Lingus: WiFi Now Live On Transatlantic Flights


Aer Lingus have officially launched their onboard WiFi facility after months of testing becoming one of only two EU airlines to do so after Lufthansa. Seven Airbus A330 aircraft have been fitted with satellite technology which has been provided by Panasonic.

Travelers will be able to use their mobiles, laptops and other WiFi enabled devices for a fee starting at €10.95 or free if you are a business class traveler.

Aer Lingus Chief Commercial Officer Stephen Kavanagh said:

Aer Lingus is at the forefront of in-cabin internet access, being just the second European airline to introduce internet access on transatlantic flights. This is another choice we are offering our customers to enhance their Aer Lingus experience. Having direct internet access on flights of up to ten hours in duration, will be of huge benefit to our customers, in particular to business customers.

WiFi is still an emerging technology for aircraft here in the EU which is lagging far behind the U.S where WiFi is almost common place in internal flights.


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