Nokia, A Brief History of Devices 2005 To Current

nokia-original-logoNokia will soon cease making smartphones with the forth coming buyout of their Device & Services unit by Microsoft. This video takes us through Nokia’s devices from 2005 to current and actually some pre 2000’s too.

Nokia is an ancient company by any standards, and ‘ancient’ is not being used in a bad way, but a good way. Founded in 1865 as a rubber manufacturing company its communications division first came to be in 1967.

People who use iPhones, Samsung devices and the rest look at their device and think, wow, my device is so full of tech and cool. Well, least you not forget where the grounding, the technology and the patents for that technology come from. They come from Nokia, from Motorola, the iPhone simply could not exist without Nokia technology for example.

The world has become blind to the amazing work Nokia has done, and is doing right now with Windows Phone. I think personally people can not see past Microsoft, a company people love to hate, to despise. But recently, Microsoft hating has cooled, people are beginning to look again.

Companies like Apple who once were underdogs to Microsoft overtook them, now Apple is the massive uncaring entity. Fortunately for Apple they have spin masters who somehow convince people to buy their products, power to them, fool you once, fool you 5 times….really.

So sit back for the next 20 minutes or so and take a trip down memory lane.



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