Themer by MyColorScreen (beta) – Review


If you have an Android device, you’ve almost definitely heard of customizing your device by using Nova or Apex launcher, and for a long time, this was the only way of customizing your phone without rooting or following complicated instructions on using over 10 different widget apps.

Today, I bring you Themer (beta). MycolorScreen’s answer to those who love to customize but don’t want all the fuss and hassle that comes with it.

First Impressions

When you first open the app you are greeted by a screen asking you for a code, which you would have signed up to get as this app is a closed beta. If you would like to apply for a code you can do so by clicking here .

Once you get into the app you sign into either your Google or Facebook account so that they can monitor you and also presumably, in future will be able to install the same theme on multiple devices.

Despite the fact that the app is called “Themer”, it’s actually a launcher, which in it’s own right is very stable but on my Nexus S I found it very difficult to run. Swiping through homescreens was smooth when it finally loaded but I did lag when I tried to scroll very fast, and so even from the beginning I get the impression that this app is not built for speed but simple to look good.


The apps design is far from beta as it includes a bar with all the settings and share functions that’s only a swipe away and the general feel of the app is good, although it feels slightly bogged down, I’m not sure by what but the app could do with some lightening up, but as far as a beta user is concerned, I’m very pleased with the result.

Setting Themes

Setting themes is as simple as the MyColorScreen team set it out to be. To apply a theme you simply select the theme of your choice that you want to apply, click it, and then click ‘Apply’ in the lower right hand corner, and that’s all there is too it!!! No fiddling with widgets, just one click to apply, pretty neat.


Of course, the variety of themes isn’t even near that of the MyColorScreen website where there are thousands of themes, but keep in mind that those themes are hard to duplicate, and often don’t turn out the way we would like, whereas this app takes care of everything, and the variety of themes should increase over time.

Even More Customization 

Even after you’ve applied the theme of your choice that you love, MyColorScreen gives you even more options to customize it!!! By using the ‘Everything Widget’. This widget allows masses upon masses of options including one to create actionable areas where when you click them they can open an application or create a small widget to show what music you are playing.

The use the ‘Everything Widget’ you simple hold down on the screen and unlock the widgets. You will then be able to hold down on a widget and hit configure. You can remove and resize the widget as well if your heart desires; as well as the ‘Everything Widget’ , Themer comes with dialer, calender and a Reddit widget among others.

Themer also allows you to add homescreens, app shortcuts, Themer actions and allows you to change the wallpaper like any launcher should. One note for MyColorScreen, I’d really like the option to have a different wallpaper that suits the theme rather than be directed to my gallery, it would be nice to have a wallpaper section in the app for the depending theme times like minimal.

Customizing the themes does take some getting used to but the themes are made so that even if you do adjust them, it will be a very little adjustment and so you’re more likely to leave them alone.

Sharing Options

Probably the best feature that they’ve put in right out of the box is the ability to share your theme with your friends. This enables you to share how you set up your device even if you changed the theme and your friend wants it. To do so, you have to dig in the settings until you get to the advanced section, and then select ‘Export’ ,  this will then save the theme to the Themer app folder on your device, which to access you will need a file explorer like ‘File Explorer’.

You can then share this file to your friends device and he can install it, nice.



Overall this app is very useful to those who would like to customize their phone but do not have the time, patience or skills. That being said, the app still comes with some very nice themes and I’m sure the library will grow with time. As this app is still a beta I did get some crashing when applying themes but that is to be expected with betas.

If the team can make the app ‘lighter’ , smoother, more stable and get more themes, this app will definitely be worth buying if it is paid, so what are you waiting for? Head on over to this link to sign up for a code and when you get it, just download the app here.

I’ll be reviewing the app again when it loses it’s beta tag so stay tuned for more info, until next time.


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