Nokia Lumia 1020 Review, Windows Phone Never Looked Better

WP_20130919_17_55_34_ProThe Nokia Lumia 1020 recently launched in Ireland and we have had it now at ITB for a month or so, so we have been able to test it totally as a phone and as a camera-phone. This article is part review and part rant towards the Irish media who can’t seem to get past iOS and Android.

To qualify what I am saying here, running ITB we get lots of devices, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and more so we use them all. My personal day to day OS is Windows Phone so I will of course be more biased but the below is an honest assessment of how the Irish Media treat a new platform such as Windows Phone.

A Counter To Mainstream Irish Media

The Camera

‘Camera-Phone’, that last bit is very important, for you see this is a smartphone first and foremost. The mainstream Irish media appear to associate anything that has a 12MP sensor and above as being a replacement for a €1500 DSLR and then slate said device when it doesn’t perform as well. The Lumia 1020 is not a camera, it’s not there to replace your DSLR, this is not its purpose, is purpose is to be a smartphone and to allow you to take amazing pictures on your phone.

World renowned professional photographers have praised the abilities of the 1020 so I would be very wary of reading much into reviews from Irish media claiming the camera is just okay and wont replace your DSLR. It is not intended to replace your DSLR which most people do not own anyway. It will however completely replace your bridge cameras and any point and shoot out there and will augment your DSLR experience.

The Apps

Another item that you need to be wary of within not just the Irish mainstream media but also world mainstream media is with regards to the Apps.  You need to understand that the media do not actually know much about technology, most are reading from a script also written by someone who does not know much either. The Windows Phone Eco-System is now very mature with about 150K apps, how many do they need when they say its short on apps. About 45 of the top 50 apps on iOS and Android are now on Windows Phone, including Instagram which again you will not hear mentioned. Instagram admittedly comes via a 3rd party app called 6tag but that app is miles ahead of the official app anyway so that’s even more of a win.

Granted for Ireland the ‘Irish’ banks do not have a Windows Phone app but all their foreign equivalents do, RBS, NatWet, Wells Fargo, Lloyds, TSB and more. So it is certainly not the platforms issue, its the Irish sector that is the issue, believing some of the untruths about the platform.

The Lumia 1020

WP_20130927_01520130927175702 (1)The Lumia 1020 is the current flagship device on the Windows Phone platform featuring a 41MP camera, 2GB of RAM, 32 or 64GB of internal storage and a Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait processor. The display on the 1020 is an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors and a resolution of 768 x 1280 pixels, 4.5 inches (332 ppi pixel density).

The Windows Phone OS has never run better than on the 1020, with its 2GB of RAM the experience flies along, it always did but with extra RAM things just happen every so slightly quicker. All the apps are there from the Store, from Twitter, Faebook, Instagram (6Tag,Instance), Pinterest, Path (Coming), Zinino and more big names coming too. Anything missing will be covered by a 3rd party app rest assured, the mentioned is just an example.

Battery life is quite good but taking a lot of shots with the Xenon flash will eat into that, but if you buy the Camera Grip accessory it also comes with a built in battery good for about 200 shots. With normal use you will easily get a day of use out of the device, most smartphones these days will require daily charging anyway.

Camera quality from the 1020 is unbelievable, from long exposure shots, to changing ISO settings you truly can capture amazing images. You can achieve amazing results from freezing moving water to star trails so long as you have the know how.

Night time performance from the 1020 is undisputed also, amazing night time images are sharp, clear and detailed with very little noise if any.


With apps like Nokia Smart Cam you can also achieve amazing action shots such as the one below, and with Nokia Pro Cam you can go virtually full manual and control everything.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

So our advice is please don’t take what mainstream media give as the best advice, review and research for yourself, seek camera review sites for true camera expert opinion. For smartphone advice look to blogs like ITB and others, no matter what device or OS you decide on, make an informed decision.

There are now 3 major operating systems in the world, iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the last of which is growing everyday, and is much closer to iOS than you would think.




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