Eircom Launches eVision TV Service

eircom_evisionEircom have just launched their new TV service called eVision which has been in development for the last two years.

The eVision TV service will be available from tomorrow to all eFibre customers starting at €10 per month for the Essential Pack. Inncludes 34 channels that Eircom have hand picked as the most popular in the Irish market. This comes via a free eVision+ set-top box, which will be installed free of charge.

eVision+ viewers can pause and rewind live TV and schedule recordings. The in-built hard drive can store up to 240 hours of standard-definition programming and is capable of recording two programmes at once.

Programming will come via Eircom’s eFibre fibre network, which is only available in select locations for now. However, eFibre’s should extend to 1m homes by June 2014, according to Eircom.

Customers that sign up before 31 December will receive the first six months of their 18-month contract free, not bad although 18 months is a long time.

With the launch of eVision Eircom is now the only quad provider of Phone, Broadband, TV and Mobile in Ireland

Eircom eVision pricing




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