TV3’s ShowPal App Launched

46_1382008704TV3 have just launched ShowPal which is a companion app for your TV viewing. Using a technique they call audio watermarking it listens to what you are watching on TV3 and produces tailored content relative to the show you are on.


Sadly no mention of the Windows 8 and Windows Phone versions, lets hope that TV3 do not forget that people still use Windows.

ShowPal™ is FREE for viewers to download and use and is available on iPhone and iPad from launch. It will launch on Android devices in spring 2014. The first ShowPal™ advert will air tonight on TV3 in Emmerdale. For more information about the app itself, visit

Press Release

TV3 introduces ShowPal™, Ireland’s first second screen viewing companion app.

ShowPal™ promises to revolutionise the way we watch TV and allows advertisers a unique way of engaging consumers.

 ShowPal™ is a brand new second screen viewing companion app which proactively delivers rich and related content & information around the show you are watching.

The app uses audio watermark technology in conjunction with your TV to enhance your viewing experience, bringing you closer to the shows you love.

TV3 today launches ShowPal™, Ireland’s first TV viewing companion app. ShowPal™ is the ultimate second screen app designed to complement and enhance viewers TV viewing experience.  ShowPal™ delivers the perfect mix of content and interaction while keeping viewers in the loop on the social media buzz around their favourite shows. ShowPal’s innovative use of audio watermarking technology means that the app always delivers relevant content, gaming, advertising and social elements to viewers at exactly the right time.

ShowPal™ uses technology from Irish second screen developers Axonista to enable TV3 to proactively deliver viewers rich and related content and information around the show they are watching – from related Twitter feeds, interesting and useful links to articles, celebrity profiles, facts and info, to offering the viewer products associated with the programme they are watching, adding a layer of enjoyment, engagement and information to enhance the viewing experience, and ultimately bring people closer to the shows they love.

Whether the viewer is watching their favourite soap, movie, current affairs programme or football match, ShowPal™ invites them to explore additional engaging content like locations, character and panellist profiles, interactive maps and family trees as well as giving them access to exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes perspectives, teasers and schedules of upcoming programmes. ShowPal™ also allows viewers to interact with their favourite shows and have their say with quizzes, games, voting and polls and even click to buy products featured in specific shows like Xposé.

With 58 per cent of Irish people already online while watching TV, the future looks bright for second screen. Other stats show that 70% of tablet owners and 68% of smartphone owners use their devices while watching TV. Similarly, 30% of time spent using a tablet is done while watching TV (20% for a smartphone)*.

However, despite the growth of social media, iPads, YouTube, video gaming and so on, television is still King. Irish viewers watch more than 25 hours of TV every week. In fact, Irish viewers watch about 8 minutes more TV per day today than we did in 2010** making for a perfect marriage between TV and second screen.

Speaking about the introduction of ShowPal, Stephen Grant, TV3 Group Director of Online, and Head of ShowPal, said: “We are delighted to today launch ShowPal™, TV3’s second screen viewing companion app. ShowPal™ offers viewers a wealth of extra information and more, to really enhance their enjoyment of all their favourite TV3 shows.  Using cutting edge technology it understands what you’re watching and delivers extra content perfectly synched to what’s happening on screen. What’s especially exciting is that TV3 is a world-leading broadcaster in second-screen, and viewers in Ireland are among the first in the world to be able to watch TV this way.

Daragh Ward, CTO & Co founder of Axonista, said: “Our collaboration with TV3 on ShowPal™ demonstrates how broadcasters can use our Ediflo CMS to truly revolutionise digital storytelling. It’s exciting to see TV3 lead the way in second screen in Ireland and we’ve really enjoyed working with their digital team to create an innovative experience for their viewers. This is a great beginning and there’s a lot more to come from ShowPal™, so watch this space.”

TV3 will promote the benefits of ShowPal™ through a major ad campaign which includes a new 40 second ad featuring world renowned mentalist Keith Barry. The new 40 second advert will air on TV3 and be supported across various other digital platforms from this evening (Thursday 17thOctober).

To celebrate the launch of ShowPal™, TV3 will be giving away a whopping €10,000 cash prize. The ShowPal™ cash giveaway will kick off on Ireland AM tomorrow. All viewers have to do is download the app and collect a clue! The winner will be decided on Monday 28th October 2013. For more information see ‘Notes to Editor’.

ShowPal™ is FREE for viewers to download and use and is available on iPhone and iPad from launch. It will launch on Android devices in spring 2014. The first ShowPal™ advert will air tonight on TV3 in Emmerdale. For more information about the app itself, visit


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