Nokia World 2013 – Round Up

Nokia world 2013 in Abu Dhabi kicked off yesterday in what was a brilliant event. Ireland’s Technology Blog covered the event live from our Twitter feed (@ITB_News), posting images and commentary as it happened, if you missed it where were you !!

In this article we will take you through the highlights of each announcment that took place yesterday. Before that however I would just like to say that while this may not necessarily be the last Nokia World it certainly wont be on this scale again….for now anyway. So as NW13 comes to an end today, it is over to you Microsoft, please do not mess it up, come early 2014 you are on your own.

Asha 500, 502, 503 Announced

The even began with Stephen Elop taking to the stage and speaking about remarkable changes and times ahead for Nokia. From here he proceeded to announce not one, not two but three new Asha devices, the 500, the 502 and the 503. What is unique to these three devices is that they are locked behind an Icy clear plastic case, making them look like they are trapped in a block of ice.

WP_20131022_016Also coming the the new Asha devices and some pre-existing editions is the new edition of Swipe in camera mode.

This will allow you to use gestures from within the camera app allowing for easy sharing and functionality.

Fastlane has also greatly been updated and is now far more fully featured, allowing you to see all your activity on the device in one place.

Finally we had the WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum speaking about the new integration within the Asha range.

WP_20131022_015He also spoke about how 250K users are registered everyday across the Nokia portfolio of device, an amazing figure to be sure.

The new Asha 500, 502 and 503 will retail from $69, $89 and $99 before taxes and subsidies.

The Lumia 1520 Announced

Nokia announced the Lumia 1520, their largest smartphone device ever, featuring a 6″ full 1080P HD display. On board is a quad-core, 2.26GHz processor with 2GB of RAM and run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor.

Coming with a 20MP Pureview sensor, this is a slightly stripped back version of the 1020’s 41MP sensor. However the 1520 at least for awhile will have better features out of the box as it is running Nokia’s upcoming update called Lumia Black. This will eventually filter down to all Pureview Lumia devices.

The Lumia 1520 will be available in black, red, yellow, and white in the US, UK, France, Germany, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore

It truly is a massive device and next to the Note 3 is actually manages to make it look a little small. It comes with a 3,400mAh battery, built-in wireless charging, and support for LTE networks.

The Lumia 1520 is expected to release before the end of the year for $749 before taxes and subsidies.

The Lumia 1320 Announced

The Lumia 1320 is also a 6″ Lumia, this time though it features a dual-core Snapdragon 400 processor with 1GB of RAM, and has a 5-megapixel camera. The 1320 is aimed at the mid to high range sector, not low end as some would have you believe.

The Lumia 1320 will do and run all applications just as well in most cases as its big brother the 1520 with the exception that some games may not run quite as smoothly. It will come in at $339 which is a huge drop in price from the 1520, largely due to using a smaller sensor and older internals.

The 1320 will be in orange, yellow, black, and white in China and Vietnam initially before coming to other markets. I must say that holding both the 1520 and 1320 in my hands and using them felt really good, yes they are large but very easy to hold.

A lot has been said in recent times that once you get over the 6″ screen size it might be better to run Windows RT, I disagree, Windows Phone 8 is perfect on 6″ screens and the extra tile sizes and row makes the world of difference.

The Lumia 2520 Tablet Announced

Lumia2520The Lumia 2520 was always known to be in existence and now it is official, it will retail at $499 when released later this year. Looks wise is obvious that this is a Lumia device, it looks like a really big Lumia 1520 for example and this is a great thing. The 2520 is one of the nicest and best feeling and built tablets you will find, it’s not too heavy or light.

Internally it has the same specification the the new Surface 2 albeit done differently, featuring a 10″ screen at 1920 X 1080. Its got a 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 processor which will be as good as Tegra 4 in the Surface 2. Coming with 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and a card slot for adding up to 32GB more.

During a hands on session with the 2520 is performs very well, no slowdown when opening apps and jumping around from app to app, all in all very impressive.

The 2520 has a 6.7-megapixel camera with a f/1.9 Zeiss lens on the back, and the front facing camera with 2 megapixels. The Lumia 2520 will use Nokia’s new Nokia Camera app also announced and available now.

New App Announcements

There were also some new, big app reveals with official confirmation that Vine, Flipboard and wait for it, yes Instagram will becoming in their official form in the coming weeks. Along with these two big apps also came Nokia Camera, and Nokia Refocus and Nokia StoryTeller.

We will cover the big three and Refocus on the occasion.


WP_20131022_028Vine by Twitter will be coming in a few weeks time, Vine allows users to share 6 seconds of basically stop motion video. Some amazing Vines have been created by users since its release although when Instagram enabled 15 second video it took the wind out of Vine’s sails.


WP_20131022_020Flipboard were also present showing off a completely new built from the ground up version of their app for Windows 8.

It is looking just like the Flipboard you all know and love and should be coming in the next couple of months.

WP_20131022_023Right at the end, Flipboard for Windows Phone was also confirmed and teasing screenshot revealed.



InstagramIn a surprise announcement as I think most people had given up hope, Nokia officially confirmed that Instagram is officially coming to Windows Phone in the next few weeks.

This is brilliant news for everyone who loves to add filters and generally look silly in restaurants as they snap their food.

Nokia Refocus:

nokia-refocus-app-lumiaNokia Refocus is a brilliant piece of new software, an app, that will capture an image over the course of a second and track all the different ranges within it. Once done you are then free to touch different parts of the photos to bring them into or out of focus. However it is more than just this, you will also see movement from the background as you change focus, so image leaves blowing in the wind or a boat bobbing up and down.

The other brilliant thing is that Nokia has been able to apply their code so that you can share the image to Facebook, Twitter and more, the image will be fully interactive and your friends can change focus too.

Ideally it would be great if Nokia implement this into Nokia Camera and the Nokia development manager did indicate that moving forward this would be the idea, however did not fully confirm.

So that is Nokia World 2013, there was also loads more to see and more far more than we can go into in this post, stay tuned for more features over the coming days.



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