Kisai Maru By Tokyo Flash – Review

ani-time-320-2TokyoFlash sent us out one of their Kisai Maru watches. It arrived in an unassuming box but well packaged and with clear instructions on how to set it up.

The Maru is not your everyday watch and does have a slight learning curve when it comes to reading the time. For you see it uses a series of lines and notches to tell you the time.

The Maru meaning circle in Japanese, displays the time in one simple curved line. The inner facing hand points to the hour, the outer facing hand points to the minutes.

The watch itself in this case is made from a silver anodized aluminium with an adjustable strap, however if you have slender arms you may need to get a couple of links removed.

The time itself is always visible with the animation cycling every few minutes, you also have access to date and alarm functions via the side buttons.


Each part of Kisai Maru has been individually designed and manufactured, including the case, strap and uniquely programmed display.

All watches from Tokyoflash Japan are limited edition designs which means that it is guaranteed to be an original watch that not many other people own.

  • Displays the time and date
  • Alarm mode
  • Light, unisex design for small & large wrists
  • LCD “always on” display
  • Electroluminescent (EL) backlight (for night time only)
  • High grade aluminium case, & stainless steel clasp
  • Dual tone anodised finish
  • Adjustable aluminium strap
  • Minimum wrist size: 100 mm (approx.)
  • Maximum wrist size: 210 mm (approx.)
  • Case Dimensions: 41 mm x 50 mm x 11.5 mm
  • Weight: 80 grams
  • Water resistance: 3ATM
  • Battery: CR2025 standard replaceable watch battery
  • English instructions
  • One year warranty

The Maru is available in a Black and Sienna colour, we have found it a very nice watch to use and it certainly does draw looks and questions about it. For those that are not familiar with TokyoFlash and their products, their watches have featured in Avatar and Iron Man 2.

You can buy the Kisai Maru for €111 from here


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