Ulster Bank Show Android App Running On Windows Phone – @UlsterBank_Help

WP_20131027_21_32_53_ProIt is no secret that Windows Phone users in Ireland have been crying out for Ulster Bank to release a full Windows Phone app for their OS of choice.

Ulster Bank have been saying for months that they are looking into a Windows Phone version, and prior to this they stated they have no plans. In their current advert on Irish Prime Time TV tonight they feature Nokia Lumia devices apparently running their app. However look closer and you see an unbelievable failure on their part, they actually show the Android app running on the Lumia device. 

In the image above you can clearly see the Android app bar along the bottom just above the Windows buttons. This advert has been running now for quite a number of weeks, it is a kick in the teeth for Irish Windows Phone users who want to do their banking on the OS they have chosen to buy into.

So Ulster Bank, we are calling you out on this, what is the deal.



4 thoughts on “Ulster Bank Show Android App Running On Windows Phone – @UlsterBank_Help

  1. I think the answer is here: http://www.rbs.co.uk/personal/online-banking/g2/windows-phone.ashx and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHG3hVTzwyk

    Ulster Bank is owned by RBS who have a WP app. Nat West are also part of the same group and use a Lumia in their ad. I’ll bet Ulster Bank are using the same footage as their sister/parent banks, but had to put an image of their own app in there. As they don’t have a WP app, they had to shop in an image of the Android one.

    • Exactly the RBS version is the version that UB will use when they eventually port it.

      We had insider info that Nokia told us that they are working with UB Ireland to port it. This was months ago now so Id say thats fallen apart.

      Their mobile site is a joke also, at least AIB’s mobile site lets you actually bank 🙂

  2. I made a complaint to the ASAI just over a week ago as this is misleading advertising. They are looking into the matter and will contact me in due course. Official channels are there for a reason, we should take full advantage when an ad like this appears.

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