Nokia Camera Grip For Lumia 1020 Review

A dedicated camera grip is not something that comes to the market for all smartphones, however when your smartphone is the 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 it makes total sense. It allows you far more control and stability when taking your pictures over just using the phone itself. It features a two stage camera button which makes taking shots way more controllable and more satisfying.

The Camera Grip comes in matching colours to the Nokia Lumia 1020 and mixing the colours looks very well surprisingly with Yellow and Black being particularly good, I decided to stick with all yellow.

The Camera Grip itself features a built in additional battery of 1020mAh which Nokia claim will give about 248 shots extra or 48 minutes of HD video. This extra power I find especially useful just from an everyday point of view as I have had the cover on 24/7 of late and the extra power is great.

The Lumia 1020 simply slides into the Camera Grip and connects via the micro USB port, on the side of the case is its own micro use port for charging and a very handy 4 stage battery indicator. When your phone is in the case it will charge first, then the Camera Grip will charge, which when you think about it is the smarter way to do it.

One of the other added features is the addition of a tripod socket on the bottom of the case, this means you will be able to perform all those amazing long exposure shots with ease and confidence. The placement of the socket may not suit all tripods but from what I can tell it should fit about 90% of them, it did our cheaper tripod.

This is a fantastic accessory if you are into mobile photography and one that really is a must if you are a Lumia 1020 owner. You can purchase the case from MobileFun €60.99 here which while expensive is well worth it.


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