Capdase Sider Baco Folder Case for Nokia Lumia 1020 Review

Coming in a vibrant red or a tradition black the Capdase Sider Baco case is perfect for users who want a rugged case with some style. The case is a flip style cover, what is unique about this case though is that the flip portion comes with two suction cups keeping the front cover attached to your screen.

In addition to this feature, these two suction cups are also used as a place holder to allow you two have you Lumia 1020 in a horizontal position, perfect for video viewing.


  • Distinguished & exquisite craftsmanship, made with high-quality material
  • Designed specifically for the Nokia Lumia 1020
  • Multi-Angle Capacity
  • Card Storage Facility
  • Protection against dust, dirt & scratches
  • Suction Cup Closure

Having used the case today it is an excellent case and included slots for two credit cards and an opening for the wireless charging connectors. This last feature had me thinking, could I swap out the default inner case for a wireless charging shell, they are almost identical….perhaps, but you would need to re-glue in the new charge case.

You can buy the case and more for the Lumia 1020 from MobileFun in Red here or Black here for €20.49


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