Aviate Review – What you need, when you need it

Hi everyone, for the past week or so I’ve been trying out Aviate for android. Aviate is a homescreen replacement that does not give you the traditional homescreens, it gives you one for widgets, one for categorized apps and another for all of them, it’s hard to explain but Aviate’s primary function is to clean up your homescreen for you and so almost no user input is required to set up Aviate, nice eh?

We know what you need

As soon as Aviate is set as your launcher, it automatically sets out default “collections” such as “Home” and “Entertainment” and sets apps that correspond to the criteria in that “collection”.

What’s really neat is that there’s a little “+” in the collections that when you press, Aviate will suggest apps for you to download that would fit into that collection, of course you have the option to never show that app again.

As well as this there’s a whole load of other collections such as “Night” , “Work” , “Social” and loads more. Of course you can choose which apps you want in the collection by simply dragging apps from the apps screen to the collection.

Speaking of the app screen, this is to the right of the collection screen and lists you apps from A-Z. You can scroll to reach your desired app or you can click the corresponding letter on the right of the screen, I personally found the letter clicking a great feature and I would love to see it implemented elsewhere.

Oh , don’t tell me

As well as a self-sorting “app-drawer”, “spaces” is definitely the spotlight feature in the app and is where it sets itself apart from anything else I’ve seen. There are 10 spaces at the bottom for your most used apps, a big picture (You can change these) and a clock at the top. Where the picture and app spaces are is a widget area which remains the same no matter what “space” you are in. (This wi”ll make sense in a second)

Swipe left and the magic happens, you are greeted by “spaces” such as “Home” and “work”. Aviate will show a house because you are home, and if you swipe the picture down it will give you another widget area to play with but this one will change with every “space”, get it? For example, for my “Night Time” space I have a don not disturb widget and a calender, while for “work” I have gmail, Reddit and loads of other ones.

The great thing about Aviate is that it will change the spaces automatically depending on where you are. For example, when I get up in the morning it is in “morning”, if I leave to go somewhere it changes to “Going Somewhere” and the same for a work place, but Aviate isn’t all work and no play, no way. If I go to my nearby bowling ally for instance, the icon will change to a bowling ball and the space will bring up pictures of the bowling alley and show me widgets to check-in ,post and more, it’s such a pleasure to use. This also works for resteraunts and other places. Aviate’s accuracy will improve over time as I have found

My one little issue

Aviate is great, don’t get me wrong, but the space that occurs when you’re in a bowling alley or other establishment isn’t very accurate here. I’ve often found myself going into the “nearby” option and selecting the place where I actually am, this is the only bug that I really want Aviate to fix as I didn’t experience any crashing.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Well, what? This app is such a pleasure to use and lets you focus on the actual services rather than digging through widgets to find them. You can get Aviate by clicking here and I’ll see you all next time.


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