Editorial: The benefits of cloud computing

Cloud-Computing-from-any-deviceIf you’re not aware of the impact that cloud computing systems have had on the world in recent years, then we’d struggle to imagine where you’ve been all this time.

Whether we’re talking about business environments, educational organisations and universities, or even the family home, the cloud has become central to our technology needs. Take a look at these benefits of using a cloud system and get yourself up to speed with what all of the fuss is about.


In the world of business, cloud computing has a wealth of benefits; the most prominent being flexibility. Having data and programmes based online, as opposed to on a server in an office, means that employees can work from anywhere on their own computers. Long gone are the days when situations like bad weather and delayed flights could impact the day-to-day running of a business.


There’s also less risk of losing important data when it’s stored on a cloud system. We’re all familiar with news reports of politicians and government officials leaving laptops containing vital information on trains and in airports. In the latest of these incidents, IT Pro reported that the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) will be fining East Lincolnshire Council in the UK £80,000 for losing sensitive data. The loss occurred when a memory pen went missing from a laptop – a risk which is eliminated by the use of data clouds.

Thought the benefits are clear, it’s important that a business chooses the right cloud solution. Companies like TSG offer a range of cloud computing, although they highlight that the nature and scale of a business will determine which service is most appropriate and effective.


Having a document in one place, which can be accessed by multiple users, is also an effective tool for increasing efficiency in the workplace. Rather than having multiple editions of a document flying round via email, all with different names and formats, one document in one place is the most efficient business solution.


The modern business environment relies on a safe and secure place to store important data. As business picks up, more data is produced and naturally, the demand for more space becomes apparent.

As well as reducing the risk of lost data, cloud computing solutions are an ideal option when extra data space is required, eliminating the need for a business or organisation to expand their data centre. In this situation, cloud computing can be a much more cost effective means to improvement.


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