Top 3 tools for iOS/Mac app developers


Any tool, trick or tip to make your app development process that little bit better, easier and smoother should be welcomed with open arms.

So, no matter which device you’re designing and developing for, iPhone, Mac or iPad, you can speed-up and improve the quality of your project with these handy kits.

For Prototyping

Especially during the early stages of user-engagement, making your app easy to use across multiple devices is vital. If you’re developing a game, prototyping a number of versions for your audience is the best way to ensure you’re on the right tracks. Varying colours, characters, features and strategy will help you to catch any weakness early on.

To get started, Indigo Studio offer a free prototyping product that lets you create wireframes, make-up storyboards and share your ideas with multiple parties – ideal if you’re working to a client brief or with people in varying offices.

For Charting

When you’re undertaking the first tests of user-engagement, displaying your data in a readable and understandable way is crucial. Being able to visualise real-time data using a fully interactive, customisable and animated tool is a massive help; whether you’re developing a new app for iPad or iPhone.

To get started, ShinobiControls have created an iOS charts tool, which lets developers do magical things with their basic data – and it’s straight from the box. As with Indigo Studio, they offer a free 30-day trial.

For Programming

If your team is made-up of developers who each specialise in a different language, it can often be a bit of a nightmare to collaborate your project to run in tandem. Thankfully, there are a number of apps which feature pre-set languages so you can edit and run all codes until your project’s content.

To get started, check out CodeRunner which offers ready-made templates that can be customised, and you can also input your own programming languages too.

When you’re creating an app in multiple programming languages, your project will often have to run between a number of staff in various teams. Apps such as have pre-set languages all setup and ready to go so you can run code, edit your project and customise templates as you so wish. If you’re feeling brave, you can even add your own languages too.

Your Tips

If you have any tips or programming secrets that make your life easier and would like to share them please let us know and we would be happy to try and help.


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