The New Google Glass, Mono Earbud and Prescription Support

Google showed off what the new Google Glass will look like yesterday with a post on their Google+ page

The new Glass will now feature a mono earbud and support for prescriptions.

Wow, lots of questions! We’d rather “show” than “tell” so here you go: the mono earbud, and the Glass that Explorers will be getting when they swap later this year.

Edit: More questions! The earbud plugs into Glass, so you can choose whether to use it.”

We are still not sold on Google Glass just yet, having experienced it at a recent event the product is good but still very early days. The other issues of privacy, data protection and encryption are a whole different ball game.

However this is the new build, and if Google Ireland would like to send a car up to me and bring me down to Google HQ Id be happy to test these out.


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