ITB’s Jim O’Brien Visits The Nokia Bus In Dublin, Spies a Lumia 925 – The Full Story – #Nokia #Lumia925

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With thanks to Tony, Bobby and Colm from Meteor, Ireland’s Technology Blog’s very own Jim O’Brien (@jimboireland) headed along to The Nokia Bus that visited Dublin today.

Jim got his hands on the brand new and forth coming Nokia Lumia 925 and reported that it is very light and very easy to take pictures on, so what else did Jim have to say:

Today i was invited to visit the nokia bus which is visiting dublin and got to experience the 925  Nokia’s latest flagship next to the 920.  The model i had today was the silver one and on first holding the device its notably lighter than the 920 and feels great in hand.

It had its charging shell on and it felt almost like it was not there, well designed looks and another feat for Nokia’s design team.  Without the charge shell on it feels great, robust, solid and comfortable in hand.  The camera was of course tested and I can safely say there is huge improvement.

In low light and daylight there is a notable difference which is excellent, again Nokia’s camera tech has set a standard for others who will not touch for some time yet.  
Another bonus, outdoor visibility is excellent another extra to enjoy when viewing photos or just using your 925 outdoors. 
The Asha 501 was also on the bus, we had the blue one, many hands on device but I had it for a few minutes and its a little gem.
Small compact, vibrant, fast and fun another great little device which will soon hit ireland.



6 thoughts on “ITB’s Jim O’Brien Visits The Nokia Bus In Dublin, Spies a Lumia 925 – The Full Story – #Nokia #Lumia925

  1. Why would you want Android on such a beautiful phone, I still think the 920 is better. With wireless charging built in etc 🙂 I don’t know why anybody would give out about the size or weight.

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